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Data Protection
In accordance with (Italian) Law No. 196/2003 we would like to inform you that your data will only be used and stored for the processing of this application and will not be given to third parties or distributed. Regarding data processing, your rights are set out in Article 7 of Law No. 196/2003.

Any information with regard to online profiles/accounts are stored on a computer merely for the purpose of communication relative to the project relationship at hand. This information will not be divulged to any third parties or used for any other reason. Your username, password, occupation and email are not displayed in your online public profile.

All material subject to copyright, passed to us by you to be used online as part of your profile, will have first been cleared for use by you. You will not upload images, video or audio files which you do not have legal authority to use or publish. This is to ensure that intellectual copyrights are protected.

The Italian Data Protection Act no. 196/2003 protects persons and other subjects when their personal data are processed.
Your data will be handled by us in a confidential and correct manner in accordance with the Act. In accordance with Art. 13 of the 196/2003 Data Protection Act we would like to inform you of the following:

  1. The data collected from you will be used for the following purpose: email replies to your requests and special offers by email (subscribed).
  2. Your data will be processed using the following methods: manually and with the computer.
  3. Release of your data is optional/compulsory (if compulsory, give reason for obligation). Refusing to release your data will have no consequences/will have consequences for the completion or partial completion of the agreement/continuation of business relations.
  4. Your data will not be passed on to third parties or distributed.
  5. The data processor is: Alex Rowbotham.
  6. The person in charge of data processing is: Alex Rowbotham.
  7. In accordance with Art. 7 of the Data Protection Act 196/2003 you can exercise your rights against the data processor, which are listed in detail below, at any time:

Italian Legislative decree no. 196/2003 Art. 7 – right to the access of personal data and other rights

  1. The person concerned has the right to receive information as to whether data concerning them are available, even when these data yet to be stored; furthermore, they have the right to have these data communicated to them in comprehensible form.
  2. The person concerned has the right to information on:
    1. the origin of the personal data;
    2. the purpose and method of data processing;
    3. the system applied, in the case of data being handled electronically;
    4. the most important data for the identification of the holder of the rights, the person in charge and the name of the representative elected in accordance with Article 5, Paragraph 2;
    5. the persons or categories of persons who can receive the personal data or who can request knowledge of the data as national representative, person in charge or delegate.
  3. The person concerned has the right to:
    1. demand an update, amendment or, if interested, extension of the data;
    2. demand illegally processed data to be deleted, made anonymous or inaccessible; this also applies to data which do not  expressly need to be stored for the purposes for which they were collected or later processed;
    3. receive confirmation that the steps listed under the letters a) and b), including regarding their content, are communicated to those receiving or distributing the data, provided that this is not impossible or unjustifiably costly and complicated in relation to the right to be protected.
  4. The person affected has the right, wholly or partially to:
    1. oppose the processing of personal data concerning his or her person for legal reasons, even if these data are relevant for the purpose of collection;
    2. oppose the processing of person data concerning his or her person if the processing is for the purpose of mailing advertising materials or direct sale, market or opinion research or commercial communications.

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