"Ringraziamo Luce Dipinta Multivisioni e Alex Rowbotham per averci regalato emozioni indimenticabili con lo spettacolo di video mapping. Ci avete illuminato gli occhi e riempito il cuore di magia!"

Mercatini Di Natale Rango

Luce Dipinta was invited to participate in the Water Light Festival in its second edition and takes place from 10th to 26th May 2018 in Brixen Südtirol.

14 artists from all over the world are reinterpreting the cultural treasures and water sites of Brixen through 27 light art installations. Water as Life and Light as Art – Lighting installations and performances at the city's water sources draw attention to the precious resource of water and open up new persectives. Water worlds and light art - a luminous connection that invites you to marvel, dream, participate and reflect.

RESOLUTION, a new work by Luce Dipinta member Alex Rowbotham has been realised and is now showing 4 times per hour from 9pm until midnight until 26th May. The concept is centered on the importance of the natural resource of water that  should not be wasted, nor taken for granted. Water is not only for those who use  it but for those who live in it.
The installation reSolution is highlighting the results of climate change relating to water, including our waste, single-use plastic, the quality of water after use, polluted seas, the everyday use and recycling.

Luce Dipinta logo projected on to a building at the Water Light Festival 2018

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