Christmas projection mapping in Lana on the Sprengel building

Luce Dipinta will presenting a new mapping projection for the Lana Christmas Market again. This year the market is being held in the garden of the health center and promises to be a unique atmosphere.

The video projection will be shown several times during each evening from 17:00 until 19:45, on the following dates:

Saturday 30 November and Sunday 01 December 2019

Friday 06 December, Saturday 07 December and Sunday 08 December 2019

Friday 13 December, Saturday 14 December and Sunday 15 December 2019

Friday 20 December, Saturday 21 December, Sunday 22 December and Monday 23 December 2019


A selection of TV news clips from around the world including the show "Revolution".

Revolution mapping projected on to a building at the Water Light Festival 2019

Until 25th May 2019 Luce Dipinta is presenting a unique 3D mapping projection 'Revolution' commissioned by the Water Light Festival in Bressanone / South Tyrol.

The Water Light Festival celebrates this year its third edition. Local as well as international artists will transform the water sites of Bressanone into a unique light ocean through creative ideas and different light installations.

The light artists will put a new spin on more than 20 fountains in the historical city centre and set in scene the impressive confluence of the two rivers Isarco and Rienza and numerous historic and cultural treasures with different light and artwork installations. Under the motto "Water is life - light is art", a unique atmosphere is created in Bressanone which enables a completely new perception of the old town and its water locations.

REVOLUTION is showing 4 times per hour from 9pm until midnight. MORE INFORMATION

Luce Dipinta logo projected on to a building at the Water Light Festival 2018

Luce Dipinta was invited to participate in the Water Light Festival in its second edition and takes place from 10th to 26th May 2018 in Brixen Südtirol.

14 artists from all over the world are reinterpreting the cultural treasures and water sites of Brixen through 27 light art installations. Water as Life and Light as Art – Lighting installations and performances at the city's water sources draw attention to the precious resource of water and open up new perspectives. Water worlds and light art - a luminous connection that invites you to marvel, dream, participate and reflect.

RESOLUTION, a new work by Luce Dipinta member Alex Rowbotham has been realised and is now showing 4 times per hour from 9pm until midnight until 26th May.

NEW YEAR'S EVE - do you know the perfect place to create a video mapping project to welcome 2020? Let us know if you'd like to commission Luce Dipinta for your Christmas and/or New Year event or party!

31 December 2019

Water Light Festival installation Resolution - Photo - Bressanone Turismo Soc. Coop / © Pierluigi Orler
Bressanone Turismo Soc. Coop / © Pierluigi Orler

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Sanct Valentin open air event

Co-operative wine producer St.Michael-Eppan celebrates 110 years in 2017 with activities including wine tasting, a multivision show projecting directly on to the original cantina building, which in itself is 109 years old. If you missed the event 10 years ago then make sure you add this public event to your diary - 10 June 2017 from 9pm.

Lana Lights Festival logo

Lana Lights – Painting with Lights Festival
From 28th to 30th April 2017

Luce Dipinta Multivisioni presents the fourth edition of “Painting with Light”. This year this projections event is spread over four days in the centre of Lana. All presentations and events remain free and ticketless. The festival inauguration is on Friday 28th April at 8pm.

Projections, multivision, photography, video, music, poetry, graphic design and live interactive performance are only some of the ingredients of this long weekend.

Voted by the readers of Franzmagazine and published in the Tageszeitung news in South Tyrol as the Best video of 2015!! The architectural projection by Alex Rowbotham with the live performance by Peter Kompripiotr Holzknecht, for Lana Lights Festival 2015. Watch it for the last time in 2017.

Watch it here:

Voted best video of 2015

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Luce Dipinta has began the presentation of the new projection mapping show created for the Christmas market events in Lana, Italy. As in previous years these are ticketless events, free of charge.

This year the 'illusion' has been created to appeal also to the youngest of audiences and indeed includes them too. Want to be involved in the next one? Why not come along and see what's possible, maybe you'll see yourself projected up there in the windows of the building!

Sixty presentations: 28-29/11/2015, 04-08/12/2015, 11-13/12/2015, 18-19/12/2015 at 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30

For more information about the Christmas market events in Lana follow this link:

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Luce Dipinta has been invited to create a new building projection for the Christmas season in 2015. This time the mapping projection will be closer to the Christmas market on a different building than previous years. Preliminary tests have been made and you may see the results in these images.

Sixty presentations: 28-29/11/2015, 04-08/12/2015, 11-13/12/2015, 18-19/12/2015 at 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30

For more information about the Christmas market events in Lana follow this link:

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Photo - Michel Bouche - (c) Parc National de la VanoiseWidescreen multivision show FOR THE ALPS, realised by Alex Rowbotham is being screened at Milan Expo on 7th May in the French Pavillion!

It is also being presented in the German Pavillion all day long in June during the 'Mountain Week' as 9th June is dedicated to the Alps.

We are still awaiting confirmation for the Slovene Pavillion.

Produced by for ALPARC, the Alpine Network of Protected Areas, the show brings together hundreds of protected areas located in the Alps, from France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Italy and Slovenia.

Following the official launch in September 2012, it has been screened in front of many audiences around Europe including at the Multiphot Festival in Chelles, France and regularly screened during events and fairs in the alpine regions of Germany.

Watch the trailer here:

For more information

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Lana Lights Festival logo

From 24th to 26th April 2015 -

Luce Dipinta Multivisioni presents the much awaited 3rd edition of the Painting with Light Festival.
This year taking place in the centre of Lana with three days of projection events. All events are ticketless - free entrance, including:

"Watch This Space" - Two evenings of open-air archtectural projections with live music at the old Zuegg jam and juice factory near Tribusplatz, Lana. With premiere highlights of "Resonantia - The Anatomy of a Building" - a live performance between sound experimentalist Peter#KOMPRIPIOTR#Holzknecht and projection artist Alex Rowbotham, and a performance by one of the most renowned and outstanding European didgeridoo players, Andrea Ferroni (Torino) with the projection "Jam Factory”.

"Watch This Space" in Griesplatz
“Gala Gala” - Apples are the subject for this building projection above the Oberwirt Lana Restaurant.
A photographic exhibition in Oberwirt Lana Restaurant is accompanied by an architectural projection "Street / Straight into the Camera" by Francesco Lopergolo and Ferdinando Fassolo (Padova).

 "Let Loose" - an indoor screening of video and multivision shows by international professional
artists who are at the cutting edge of design and technology, and produce work for the love of it,
even without a client. Coming from Australia, Italy, France, USA, Norway and United Kingdom.

AIDAMA (Associazione italiana degli auturi di multivisione artistica)
Presenting a rich and diverse variety of multivision shows by members of this creative group.

"Bicinecleta" A three-day workshop with Basurama (Madrid). To create a bicycle projector using recycled parts. This is a WerkBank and JUX initiative which will culminate in urban projections on the streets of Lana.

How did you do that?” - an informal presentation by one of the festival artists dicussing
how they created their architectural projection, including specialist software, a general discussion
and demonstrations, curated and presented by Alex Rowbotham and one of the festival artists.

 “Lana Lights Menu” - Festival Dinners - everyone is welcome to book a place to share the
evening relaxing with the artists and staff at the end of each evening. Fixed 3 course menus €40.
24th, 25th, 26th April 22,30 Oberwirt Lana. To make your reservation call +39 0473 490 911

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