Il produttore di vino cooperativo St.Michael-Eppan, celebra 100 anni in 2007 con pochi giorni di attività compreso "intorno al Mondo con St.Michael-Eppan", una mostra di multivision che progetta direttamente sulla faccia della cantina originale, con il suono grande ed un finale di fuochi d'artificio.

The 'story' of this presentation takes the viewer on a short journey through the history, the vines and the making of their wines, to the 30 countries where the wines are imported to from this award-winning South Tyrolean wine producer. The audience were invited guests and international buyers from those countries. The show ran on five separate evenings, three over one weekend.

Due to time restraints and complexities most imagery and sound was sourced from stock libraries. Remaining material and media assets created and/or supplied by St.Michael-Eppan and Stephan Gander.

Cantina building of St,Michael-Eppan, Italy Russian montage projected on to the 100 year old building

Italian montage projected on to the 100 year old building Rome Colloseum projected on to the 100 year old building

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