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Luce Dipinta Multivisioni presented the 3rd edition of the Painting with Light Festival, Lana Lights, in April 2015.

Projections, multivision, photography, video, music, poetry, graphic design, and live performance, were the ingredients for this weekend event. There were over 800 visitors during the three days, with the most popular event being "Watch this space..." at Zuegg on Sunday 26th April. The festival appeared on the regional RAI television and also mentioned on the radio.

All events were ticket-less - free entrance, including:

"Watch This Space" - Three evenings of open-air architectural projections, one with with live music.

"Let Loose" - an indoor screening of video and multivision shows by international professional artists.

AIDAMA (Associazione italiana degli auturi di multivisione artistica). Presents a rich and diverse variety of multivision shows.

"Bicinecleta" A three-day bicycle projector workshop with Basurama (Madrid).

How did you do that?” - an informal presentation discussing how to create an architectural projection.

This festival brings together international artists to present their work to the public. If you would like to be involved in a 'Painting with Light'  festival please view the website where you can register and contact us for further information.

PDF - Lana Lights festival program

Program summary:

Bicinecleta Workshop

Bicinecleta Workshop with Basurama

A Werkbank, Jugendzentrum Jux and Lana Lights initiative - Takes place over 3 full days, resulting in projections on 26th April in the streets of Lana.

Photo Exhibition by Ferdinando Fassolo  

Photography Exhibition

"Street / Straight into the Camera" - Ferdinando Fasolo (Padova PD)

Oberwirt Lana - Restaurant / Osteria, Griesplatz 2, Lana

An image from the AIDAMA screenings  

AIDAMA Multivision Screenings

Multivision - Audio Visual - Video - Presentations by the Associazione italiana degli auturi di multivisione artistica

Raiffeisenhaus | Casa Raiffeisen - Via Andreas-Hofer 9, Lana

Architectural Projections in Griesplatz  

Two evenings of Open-air Architectural Projections in Griesplatz

"Street / Straight into the Camera" - Il Parallelo - Francesco Lopergolo, Ferdinando Fasolo (Padova PD)

"Tee 9" - Alessandro Benedetti (Trieste)

"Gala Gala" - Luce Dipinta - Alex Rowbotham (Lana BZ)

An image from one of the shows of LET LOOSE  


Multivision - Audio Visual - Video - Presentations by professional international artists

Ansitz Rosengarten | Tenuta Rosengarten - Maria Hilfstr.5/via Madonna del Suffragio 5, 39011 Lana (BZ)

Image for the presentation How Did You Do That?  

"How did you do that?"

An informal presentation by one of the festival artists about how they created their architectural projection

Open discussion - Lana Lights and Luce Dipinta - the future

General meeting, questions and answers, membership, make your suggestions for the next festival

Ansitz Rosengarten | Tenuta Rosengarten - Maria Hilfstr.5/via Madonna del Suffragio 5, 39011 Lana (BZ)

Resonantia Architectural Projections  

"Watch this Space" Two evenings of open-air Architectural Projections at Zuegg

Projections with live performance/music

Sergio Cavagliere (Rome)

Peter Holzknecht (Bolzano), Alex Rowbotham (Lana)

Chris White (Hereford, UK)

Alf Kuhlmann, Michael Wentworth-Bell, Erin McKimm (Melbourne, Australia)

Mal Padgett (Melbourne, Australia)

Piazza Tribus / Zuegg / MPREIS  Boznerstraße 2, Lana

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