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Organised by Luce Dipinta, PAINTING WITH LIGHT is an international festival of multivision, which has been held so far in Lana, Kulturhaus Silandro, Schlandersburg and Coldrano Castle, Italy. In 2008 Luce Dipinta took over the role of organisor for this festival - theatre screenings, outdoor building projections and installations.

The 2015 edition 'Lana Lights' was held in the town of Lana close to Merano in the Italian region of Alto Adige (South Tyrol).

This festival brings together international artists to present their work to the public. If you would like to be involved in future editions of the festival please view the website where you can register and contact us for further information.

Summary of the events during the 2008 festival:

  • LUCE DIPINTA I - Using the inner courtyard of Schlandersburg castle to present a South Tyrolean journey of history and culture.
  • LUCE DIPINTA II - Large-scale images and sound, on Coldrano Castle, a huge canvas embraced by multivision artists for this one evening under the stars.
  • LA CAPPELLA - Multivisions created specifically to 'paint' the chapel of Coldrano castle.
  • Five screening evenings - themed content by renowned international multivision producers.
  • SHADOW PLAY - A digital installation by Antoine and Hans Ruedisueli (Netherlands).
  • COLOURS - A photographic exhibition by Gerardo Parrella.

Events during the 2008 festival:

  • LUCE DIPINTA I - A multivision show using the inner courtyard walls as the canvas to present a South Tyrolean journey of history and culture, presenting medieval imagery and sound inspired by and dedicated to the mediaeval and renaissance castle of Schlandersburg and it's town of Schlanders (Silandro). Most of the original photography was shot especially for this work whilst illustrations and other material came from the town's library, also housed in this converted castle.
  • LUCE DIPINTA II - For the second time the Painting with Light festival presented large-scale images, with sound, directly onto the walls of Coldrano Castle, transforming it into a huge canvas using digital projection. This multivision embraced the work of two multivision artists by encorporating their works into this one evening under the stars. Luce Dipinta II is a collaboration between, Alex Rowbotham and Francesco Lopergolo with original soundtracks by Andrew T. Mackay of the Bombay Dub Orchestra (UK) who created the original music score especially for this event as in 2006.
  • LA CAPPELLA - Realizzare una montaggi - Multivisions created specifically to 'paint' the castle chapel.
    "Enough" by Alf Kuhlmann (Australia)
    "Square Dance" by Phil Ogden & Darryl Williams (GB)
    "Electric Dreams" by Phil Ogden & Darryl Williams (GB)
    "Take Away' by Luis Moser (IT)
    "Vissi d'arte, vissi d'amore" by Aldo Di Russo (IT)
    "Il Viaggio" by Alfredo Bernacchia (IT)
    "Shintai / Movement" by Chris White (GB)
    "Fire! Feuer! Fuoco! " by Alf Kuhlmann (Australia)
    "Peace-Paix-Paz-Pace-Frieden-Vrede" by Mal Padgett (Australia)
  • Five screening evenings - themed content by renowned international multivision producers
    1. UNDER ONE ROOF - Mountains, national parks, culture and stories all took part in this collection of shows, each one testifying to the fact that we all live together under one roof, and that we must be respectful to nature and what we have, so that it may continue for the generations to come.
    2. HOMAGE TO NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - A unique and exciting show, a great exclusive by Painting with Light. The eagerly awaited multivision evening dedicated to the productions of the National Geographic, realised by Todd Gipstein, responsible for the audiovisual field of the prestigious publishing house.
    3. For the first time, images by Jim Stanfield, Steve McCurry and Ian Lloy, who made the history of photography, were presented in South Tyrol.
    4. EXPERIENCE 3D - The magical world of 3 dimensional multivision. Visiting the National Park of Casentinesi Forest and the resevoir dam of Ridracoli, the Black Forest of Germany and the second highest peak in the world, the magnificent K2!
    5. OMAGGIO A NERUDA - Pablo Neruda: il mare nell’anima (the Sea in the Soul). The Multivision Concert "Pablo Neruda, the Sea in the Soul", repeated in Silandro after being presented for the first time in Rome at the Protomoteca del Campidoglio in 2004, on the occasion of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the birth of the Chilean poet.
    6. LET LOOSE - This multivision session presented a collection of work, created by professional authors who approach the design and application of audio visual in new and inspiring ways, and who produce work for clients and agencies. These multivisions illustrate what can be achieved without these commercial restraints, using their own personal aims, ideas and creativity.


    • SHADOW PLAY - A digital installation by Antoine and Hans Ruedisueli (Netherlands)
      Created especially for the 'Painting with Light Festival', a subtle demonstration of what's currently developing in the world of digital (performing) arts and AV.
      In Shadowplay the audience is the performer. The audience takes part in the presentation. Images and movies are shown at random and create unforeseen combinations as the audience walks past (or better: performs in front of) the presentation.

      A digital installation by Ant1 and Hans Ruedisueli

    • COLOURS - A photographic exhibition by Gerardo Parrella
      Three days trekking in the high plateau of Castelluccio di Norcia is like an enormous collection of paintings, as a viewer one is able to place a frame around each and every angle as one chooses.

The Painting with Light Festival was last held in 2008. Luce Dipinta took over the role of organiser and built upon the success of the first edition held in August 2006. For more information please follow the link to 

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