Luce Dipinta presented a new show for the 2015 Christmas market event in Lana, Italy. As in previous years these evenings are ticketless events, free of charge, and form a part of the town's overall atmosphere of these seasonal celebrations.

This year the 'illusion' includes parts aimed more at families with small children, and in fact includes two little ones, 'acting' within the surrounding images. Want to be involved in the next one? Why not come along and see what's possible, maybe you'll see yourself projected up there in the windows of the building!

Sixty presentations: 28-29/11/2015, 04-08/12/2015, 11-13/12/2015, 18-19/12/2015 at 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00, 19:30

A festive holiday atmosphere in Piazza Municipale the main square of Lana. An architectural projection using religious images and icons taken mainly from the cultural surroundings and churches of Lana, including many frescoes and paintings, mixed with choral music and song. Plus videos appearing in the windows of the building and other cultural elements of this season such as the Krampus!

Running in parallel with the Christmas market and late-night shopping, a celebration of a christian Christmas, a warm atmosphere repeated throughout each evening.

Organised by the market town of Lana and the tourist office.

We projected the time of each presentation directly on the building. This way the passing public is able to choose a time that best suits their evening Christmas festivities and shopping in the open-air Christmas market.

Special appearances by:

Oliver Rowbotham
Anna Van Eldijk

Sponsors and organisers:

Marktgemeinde Lana, Tourismusverein Lana

Many thanks for help and support:

Audio Electronic Lana,
Owners of the apartments who made sure the shutters were always closed :-)
Hair salon


Looping interval projections used between each presentation.

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