Composer Timothy Hubler performed live during the whole evening on piano, leading up to and including the presentation and countdown to 2015 projected on the facade above the Oberwirt restaurant in Griesplatz, Lana.

A looping projection with a 3 hour countdown clock began at 21:00, this included logos from the sponsors plus information about when to arrive for the show and to enjoy a glass or two of bubbly from 23:30. The final presentation began a few minutes before midnight, the New Year arrived with images of Lana followed by a journey through the time zones beginning with Samoa and ending with Hawaii.

A video can be found at the bottom of this article.  The whole event was a co-production between Oberwirt Lana and Luce Dipinta, made possible with the support of Lana town council, Tourist office and the office of the mayor Harald Stauder.

We would like to thank our partners for their valued support in creating this event and projection:

BVG Communication Technologies GmbH
Luce della Vite società agricola s.r.l.
Monte Rossa società agricola s.r.l.
Saccuman S.n.c
Schönhuber Franchi SpA
Audio Electronic
Marktgemeinde Lana

Special thanks also to the following people for their generous support and hard work:

Roberto Steiner - organizing and arranging all the flower displays (fresh from Bangkok courtesy of Lufthansa), lighting in the piazza and many other details in creating a wonderful festive atmosphere.

All of the staff from Oberwirt Lana, whose professionalism and attention to detail provided a special and memorable experience. Visit the Oberwirt website for more information about the event inside the restaurant.

The owner of the apartment used to house the projection equipment.

Many thanks for help and support:

The residents and businesses in the piazza and in the building itself who were kind enough to close all windows and shutters for the whole of the event and during times of rehearsals. 

Christan - For coming aboard at the last moment in helping to capture the event on video.

Hans Ruedisueli who again appeared as 'The Chef' in the presentation.


The first edit of the live show. This will be updated with footage from other angles, as and when it becomes available after processing. For now we thought it was good to upload this for you to view the entire presentation.


Live piano performed by Timothy Hubler, included 'Let it Be' written by Paul McCartney/Beatles, and 'Icarus'.

More architectural projections by Luce Dipinta here.

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