Luce Dipinta member, Jakob Ramoser created an emotional surprise presentation and party extravaganza at the Magdelenahof in Bolzano. It coincided with his 30th birthday and guests were invited from around the world. As the final contribution to the 10th anniversary of Luce Dipinta Multivisioni, the association helped Jakob realise this multivision video mapping show by providing training workshops, support and the technical installation.
To watch this video you must retreive the password from Jakob or Luce Dipinta.

Due to time restraints and complexities some imagery and sound was sourced from stock libraries. However most of the content material and media assets were created and/or supplied by friends and family. What fun they had!

Due to flicker in the original movie (it happens sometimes when shooting an image projected from a DLP projector) this final render was corrected which gives a movement blur to some imagery. It's not ideal but it's the best compromise.

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