Building projections and 3D video-mapping combine high-powered projection with the magic of optical illusion. A projection mapping show is a spectacular live experience projected directly onto architecture offering fantastic viral potential and a high share-ability factor.

Content includes, graphics and photographic images, video and CGI animation and is usual supported with audio, either precorded, live or both. Interactive elements can also be integrated into the user experience whether these public or private events.

Russian montage projected on to the 100 year old building

Co-operative wine producer St.Michael-Eppan celebrated 100 years in 2007 with a few days of activities including "Around the World with St.Michael-Eppan", a multivision show projecting directly on to the original cantina building, which in itself was 99 years old. Using big sound and a fireworks finale, this show formed part of the larger overall event. The 'story' of this presentation takes the viewer on a short journey through the history, the vines and the making of their wines, to the 30 countries where the wines are imported to from this award-winning South Tyrolean wine producer. The audience were invited guests and international buyers from those countries. The show ran on five separate evenings, three over one weekend.

Asolo e le sue donne

"The Ladies of Asolo" a building projection was screened in the castle grounds of Asolo in 2007 and again in 2009 as part of the Fantadia Festival.

The beauty of art, the magic of the landscape, the ideal refuge for the body and the soul, attracted many famous people to Asolo, in different times, who loved it and lived in it. Of these, there were three women; Caterina Cornaro, Eleonora Duse and Freya Stark, who were unconnected by time but deeply tied to this town. Travellers, enterprising, nonconformist and intellectuals of international fame that contributed to elect the image of Asolo as a place ideal for its beauty and its high quality.

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